Long Suffering Wife

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pussy Cat

My pussy cat went to the cattery this morning, and I managed to get her in her box within five minutes flat, unlike the half hour wrestle that has been incurred in that past.

I think this proves that she loves me more than my other half and that she obeys commands like a dog after Ben spent the weekend trying to teach her to return the mouse to him after he threw it across the lounge.

So the trick is to stick the pillow from the bed in the box and also throw in some Whiskas' Cat pockets (equivalent to chocolate truffles for our cat!) and in she runs no questions asked.

So I'm now sat in work worrying about 3lb of cat missing me and worrying that she might feel that we've abandoned her permanently.

Sad person that I am

Thursday, May 26, 2005

New Office

When I started my new job 18 months ago I thought I'd never feel part of the firm as all my peers had trained at the firm and worked their way up the ranks... but..

I'm currently sat in our Derby office and I know no-one and when ever I speak to the person sat accross the divide from me I get mono-syllabic answers.

So I think what I'm trying to say is that I must now feel like part of the furniture in Nottingham and that I've been accepted as part of the team.

Sad how you only notice something when it's gone.

Friday, May 13, 2005

The Wife

Good things

  • He can cook (sort of)
  • He understands my love of CSI
  • He let’s me have a list (even if it is restricted to 10 people)
  • He lets me borrow his socks
  • He can put up shelves and make the toilet seat work
  • He's unblocked the toilet on at least one occasion
  • He puts me to bed when I've had too much to drink and lets me snore into the bin

Not so good things

  • He’s f@*king miserable in the morning
  • He’s got no monetary understanding
  • He has hour long phone calls with his mother and then tell’s me they didn’t talk about anything, and then looks confused when four days later he tells me news from the toon that I didn’t know
  • He’s pissy when I borrow his socks
  • He won't eat salad
  • He growns when we leaves his seat
  • He hords crap and gets shitty when I bin his slippers
  • He checks my blog and then comments on the "grammer" and spelin'!