Long Suffering Wife

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


It's a funny thing friendship. One minute you don't know someone and the next you're chatting away telling this relative stranger your whole life story.

We've finally settled back into life in the Midlands and have now got a small, but fully functioning, friendship network. This is a result of returning to be a guide leader (me not the wife!), joining a church and socialising through work.

So why do I now feel in my heart that it might soon be time to more on again. To face new challenges and experiences?

Thursday, July 21, 2005


I need a holiday!

I know this as I'm starting to
  1. fantasise about holidays and not having to wake up to the cat alarm at 6 am
  2. get ratty about nothing in particular
  3. contemplate working part time
  4. making pasta from scratch seems like a good idea
Only nine weeks to go until I get to spend 15 days stuck in a car with my in-laws.

Life just seems to get better and better.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Life's too short

I'm currently sat at my desk feeling sick and potentially at my least productive since I started work.

I feel numb following hearing the news from London and have spent the best part of the morning trying to telephone all those I live with, worked with and love who are currently in the London area.

It puts into context just how futile my own worries regarding money, what's for tea etc really are and that life's just to short to continue to think about the future and what if's.

So for all of those who I love and who remain in the city. I thinking of you and you're all in my prayers.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


This blogger is in mourning and if I was more technically minded I'd have changed the background to a somber black colour.

The season ticket money went out of the account this morning.

This means that the football season is about to start and all sensible (OK vaguely sensible) conversation has now disappeared from the Long Suffering household and has been replaced by drivel regarding who's at pre-season training and who's not.

I wouldn't mind that much if it was original opinion from the wife but all in all the total output is usually secondary opinion taken from
a) someone else's blog
b) NUFC.com
c) or The Mag

So here's to the next ten months of football - yippee!