Long Suffering Wife

Monday, February 06, 2006

Who would you emulate

(Big words for a new post!)

Following the might "What would Sting do?" on Phil's blog and this article on in the Guardian I've been thinking who should I have has a positive life model - I'd do what they'd do and my negative life model - Never do what they do.

So after some thought the short list goes as follows
Positive Thoughts
  • Scotland's rugby team - after beating up the favorites France on Sunday. Anything they'd do I'd want to do
  • Pussy Galore - If it's good enough for pussy, it's good enough for me
  • Professor Robert Winston - He can get pissed on camera all in the name of science and talk about sex as if it's shopping at Tescos

Alternative Model

  • Jordan - you know as soon as you think that pink velour is good it's time to walk away
  • Posh & Becks - do you really want to sit on thrones when you get married or be best mates with Elton
  • Elizabeth Hurley - I wouldn't want to restrict my body size by starving or only eating brown rice
  • Carol Vordemann - as per above (detox is a no no)
  • Dame Ellen McArthur - Who cares if you're a record breaker, you've wasted the best part of your life on your own on a boat