Long Suffering Wife

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Last night in a harrassed state I put fuel in my car and then winged about how much it cost to fill the tank of the car.

Then I drove home from town (10 miles), this morning I drove to work (60 miles) and then realised that I've put unleaded petrol in my empty diesel car... something that should have stopped the engine before I left the forecourt.

So my car is currently being fixed in the garage and at 8:30 this morning I was the third person that the RAC man came to rescue.

Now that I know the cost I think I would have been better to just drive the car and keep topping it up with diesel until the unleaded was gone!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Me myself and I

Having very little to do at lunch time I've been following the advice of Dave Gorman and have been looking for me in Google.

As a result I've realised what a busy person I am... I currently..

  1. work as a vet lecturer at Nottingham University
  2. am a realator in Michigan
  3. i've run half marathons (and finished in the top ten)
  4. I'm Canada's expert on Princess Diana

and better than that

I'm Miss Devine for Somerset.

No wonder I'm so tired!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Past It

That sorry point in my life has now past... and as such I can confirm to those how are wee spring chickens (under 28) that the point at which middle age sets in is 28 and a week.

This morning on my way to work driving down the motorway I switched off Radio 1, due to the constant wingeing of Chris Moyles complaining about being famous (give it a break) and not playing any music, that I have subjected myself to all week, and turned over to Radio 2 to escape!

Not a totally bad thing in itself as a change is as good as a rest and variety is the spice of life, etc...


the old age issue occured when I found myself sat in the office looking up what was on the channel on the way home based on the fact that subconsciously I'd already decided that it was radio 2 all the way home.

Therefore in the words of Pete Townshed its too late I can no longer hope to die before I get old. I'm already old and listening to the easy listening on radio 2.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Friday commenced my 28th year on this planet and the slow demise into old age and the ever approaching 3 0 .

But having recently looked on a well known web based encylopedia I realise that I share my birthday with many a famour lovely
Ioan Gruffydd
Gerry Adams (not quite so mysterious now you can hear him!)
Britt Ekland
King Wenseslas.... and to top it all..
Niall Quinn!

Being me's not that bad after all!