Long Suffering Wife

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Old Friends

As the wife has noted, yesterday we said goodbye to a dear loyal friend for the last time.

Thsi car has been instrumental in many of the events of my life in the past 8 years that shes taken my future husband to meet my parents for the first time, taken the two of us back to the homeland, introduced me to the inlaws, and not forgetting the countless friday night trips up the M1 from the south east to see friends, weddings and St James park.

Unlike the wife I feel that letting her go for scrap is a far more dignified end for this friend that to let some spotty learner driver grind her gears, put in a stereo which is worth more than the car, and see if she can do 120 down the A52 (in her hayday, I'm told 100 on the coast road was easy!). So she's gone, never to be driven again.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Beeb

Now don't get me wrong I love auntie. I don't feel that my £131.50 is wasted on any of the quality products that I receive when I switch on the national channels and I think it's a great way to not have to endure the Adverts that polute all the films and shows on the commercial channels.


I do object to being made to endue Dick and Dom on the radio on my way to work in the morning. What was the Beeb thinking! Now the alternatives for early morning breakfast are not good but no one show (not even Mr Moyles!) has made be feel quite so close to writing to the radio to complain about the lack of talent.

Who thought giving the Bogies duo a three hour radio show was a good plan?? Is it because I'm no longer young enough to listen that I feel so enraged or is it "'cause they is crap?"